Friday, January 30, 2004

Watched some superb tennis yesterday night , Safin slugging it out with Andre, high quality stuff, the bludgeoning serves of Safin versus the lightning returns of Agassi. Lots of rallies considering that both have a penchant for hitting outright winners. Safin also showed lot of stamina as Agassi really makes one scurry around the court.
Now looking forward to a engrossing final. My money is on Safin.
Workwise there has been a lull for the last month, working on a project proposal, waiting for the go-ahead from the client. Really want to get back to some serious coding and design.
CAT is also around the corner , hope this will be a lucky try and the CAT doesnt cross me one more time.
VB Series is set for an exciting climax, hope India can deliver the killer punch in the Finals. Will be rooting for them fervently, just like the old pre-college times. Coz halfway during college and after the match-fixing quagmire, the craze and emotional enrgy I had for cricket had been drained out. Now with the general "Feel-Good" factor in India, I am also feeling upbeat about team India.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

New Year and Life
New year is on to me like a flash, I feel it was just a few days before when I had jotted down my resolutions for 2003.
Considering that the success ratio of the resolutions was less than that of the Bangladesh cricket team, I will refrain from them this year. Anyways life is now in an advanced state of flux. both personally and professionally, so I have just decided to go along with the flow.
2003 was eventful, undertook transition from brahmacharya to grihastha. I guess that's one of the most important events in one's life. A few more could be, passing out of school/college, getting a job, having a kid, India winning a test series in Australia.
The best thing about marriage till now for me, apart from a certain physical activity is good wholesome food, living in a bachelor pod for the last 3yrs compounded with a 4yr hostel life, had me craving for these homely meals. My taste buds and digestive system are definitely glad for it.