Sunday, January 24, 2010

1000 Ways To Die

Was watching this program on TV. It was showing all weird ways of dying in which few actors enacted the method of death, followed by a specialist explaining the causes. Was really interesting. most of them had a catchy caption in the end

Few which stuck in my mind were.

  • A Flying Tent with a woman inside. A freak wind generated enough uplift to carry a tent 1 mile in the air , with a woman inside and dump it over a cabin
  • A convict running from the cops, scurries down a sewage pipe, which gets progressively narrower , which results in him getting stuck , and later in the night getting gnawed to death by rats( Eeewww!!). The Doctors said this is the most painful way ever to die. The caption at the end was "ExVerminated"
  • To get a husband who has a history of erectile dysfunction in the mood, the wife spikes his beer secretly with 3 pills of Viagra (which is triple the allowed dosage) , the husband while enjoying his drink gets a call from his mistress!, so he decides to ditch his wife for the night. Before leaving , to ensure good performance he pops in 3 more pills!! and guess what, his mistress has also mixed 3 more in his wine. So our hero with 9X of recommended dosage , has a rollicking time for a short while, but his body and heart just gives up on him, and he conks of on an unbelievable high. The caption at the end "Die-Agra". If the previous one was the worst way to die, this would be up among one of the best ways to die..
  • One lesbian partner choking on the others edible underwear, which was basically a series of chocolates beaded together!!
  • An Italian guy, who got in the wrong way of the Mafia , was digging his own grave literally watched over by the assigned killer duo. He was begging for his life , but to no avail. By a stroke of luck, his shovel came up with a World War -II unexploded grenade which landed in front of the hitmen and blew them up. Enabling this guy to escape. The caption "Bomb-ino"


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