Thursday, July 24, 2003

Horror Show
Nowadays I get this freaky feeling that I am hounded by horror. Some of it courtesy the spate of horror and supernatural movies being released nowadays. Bhoot was an eerie movie, the first half especially , those weird camera angles, the inhuman background sounds and those sudden appearances . To explore the dark side more I also decided to read a book from the Raja of dark fiction Stephen King , the book is called Dead Zone. Not entirely horror but enough supernatural stuff to get you goosebumps in the night alone in your house reading at 1.00am , with the colony mongrels trying to imitate the background score of Dante's inferno amidst the backrop of a gusty storm blowing outside.
Also as a diversion there are the selected stories of Edgar Allan Poe, which I am reading it also has some spine-tingling tales. in particular one called the House Of Usher.
As Alex in ClockWork Orange would put it that's real "HorrorShow" stuff.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Bring in The Blues
Dunno why blue is associated with depression. It is my favorite color, and I obviously dont believe that I am in any way depressed or sad.
Blue is the color of the clear sparkling sky, which in the curent monsoon season is a rarity. Infact the dull gray skies brings on melancholia. After the initial euphoria of the rains. the perpetual grey canopy does seems boring. One longs for the clear days of spring and autumn.
Blue is also in prominence among the water bodies. clear blue lakes and seas, exude vivacity. just as Brooke Shields did in Blue Lagoon.
Gray skies are known to induce depression, the scientific explanantion AFAIK is that the pigment called melamin which is an anti-depressant is produced when there is sunshine, so lack of it leads to bouts of low feelings.

So it had to be Blue which I chose for my new template.
So when I am Feeling Blue All I have to do is take a look at you

Moving on to a new template, with some more traffic expected (Optimism) .
Renewed interest in Blogging.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

My Childhood Tennis Heroes
I started watching and understanding tennis around 86-87. My favorite was Stefan Edberg, I really adored his play , the best part was obviously his consummate volleying and net play, but I also liked his athleticsm and his gentle demeanour. Becker was my second best, he was somewhat more flashier, and I preferred the simpler types. Though when these guys contested 3 consecutive wimbledon finals from 88-90. my loyalties were alternate in them , and it so happened that always the other guy won. My appreciation for Becker was more due to his nationality, I was fanatic about the German soccer team in the early 90s , so anything Deutsch was the way to go.
I somehow disliked Lendl, he was too Robotic and i used to consider baseliners inferior in status.
So I always supported anyone who played against Lendl.
Same was case with Agassi , he was too cocksure and an iconoclast too appeal to me. Plus he was a baseliner.
Goran was a enigma, he had this vulnerable look about him the total antithesis of Agassi those days, I was rooting madly for him in 92 Wimbledon it was heartbreaking to see him lose, but he hit innummerable aces, his favorite being the curling one which swings like crazy in the air, I still remember Goran was tiring fast, and I was so involved that i was willing him to leave his racket relax his left hand for some time, but he held the racket continuously all through the match like an appendage of his hand.
Its incredible that I remember it in so much detail . upto my 10th standard, I followed tennis like crazy, i used to take cuttings of ATP top 10s. i used to play by hitting shots on the walls of our terrace. I made myself as one player , and the wall as another, playing tournaments this way. A complicated points system based on where i hit the wall and for how many times consecutively.

Nowadays my interest in tennis has spiralled negatively, I cant make myself sit and watch a full match, changing channels intermittently, all the effect of the multiple channels with good ol DD our only succour those days.
Also no great stars on view currently, everyone's game seems the same, too monotonous.