Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Completed a half-century of days in Bombay. Adapting reasonably well, but sometimes have nostalgic pangs of IIM Lucknow, and of my earlier days in Pune.
Have found a decent place to live, which is close to my office. Travel by my bike, a mode which must be a rarity in Bombay considering the distances and traffic. Once for a weekend quiz session I travelled 20km one way. In Pune you can cover the whole city in that much distance.
I am currently wary of the monsoons, will have to rest my bike then, considering the strong downpours, surprisingly the rains have gone away after an opening spell. In Pune as well as Lucknow, I used to wait for the monsoons expectantly, I love the rains and overcast skies with cool breeze and chatting away over coffee, but here after hearing the horror stories of 26/7, I am not looking forward to the rains.
Currently obsessed with the World Cup, evenings are dedicated to it. Also writing about my thoughts on the World Cup on SillyPoint.