Monday, September 15, 2003

Went of with a whooshing sound, didnt know when it started and ended, spent a lot of time on the road, clocking up more than 150Km on the bike, thats quite impressive by Pune standards.
First of all on sat morn made a futile trip to AIT (Thats my college). Came to know that on 2nd and 4th Sat it is closed, though the drive was not tiring, quite less traffic and pleasant weather, strange for Pune !(the traffic ,not the weather) .
Afternoon had fun at Boat Club, Ramanand conducted an interesting quiz based on cities. The usual jokes, banter and leg-pulling was carried out in inimitable Boat Cub style, also it was nice meeting up with Gaurav, Harish and Niranjan after long.
Evening went for a short while to the Blogger's meet at Doughmain, interesting motley group not much in common i guess, but an alternative group of acquaintances, in addition to the usual friends. Most were quite regular bloggers like Gaurav ,Shuchita,Nikita,Pooja and Vikram. Gaurav is among the best blogs around, along with my buddy Ramanand.
Havent read much of the blogs of the others mentioned above.
Later went for Dinner at Malaka spice. sumptuous meal, sampled a lot of the South-East Asian delicacies.
In the night curled up in bed reading the Picador Book of Cricket lent by Ramanand.

Sunday made Chicken biryani for lunch,watched a good romantic movie, Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Exotic Greek locales in the movie.
Evening was spent watching Michael stamping his class at Monza, followed by some Challenger trophy cricket and Premier League action, in the night saw Hunt for Red October.

Then Monday comes back again on my back like Vetaal .