Friday, January 15, 2010

Sports Watching

Since childhood I have been an avid fan of various sports , I used to watch all sorts of Sports programs on TV. The initial days of Star Sports in the early Nineties were fascinating for me, for the first time in my life I had a 24 hour sports channel at my disposal, though there were Remote Control wars, but I still had my fill, because Sports were not tied to Primetime TV viewing anyways . During my summer holidays, I used to be glued to the TV like fevicol ka jod, watching some minor ATP Tour tournament like Indian Wells, or the Chinese Soccer League, or Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey, or Thomas-Uber Cup Badminton. I used to be so engrossed. Not to mention anything about the hours watching Channel 9 cricket Broadcasts ,irrespective of who was playing Australia, just for the superb quality of telecast.

Over the years the enthusiasm for watching sports dipped, as life started demanding more. In fact the only thing I look forward to when I get old, is to be just plain old retired , and revert to my childhood passion of watching Sports on TV.

Currently the hottest sport on my list is American Football, the NFL has reached the play-off stage and the games are getting uber-competitive with do or die scenarios. This is the latest sport that I have become hooked to. Thanks to my friend Atul, who gave me a crash-course on appreciating football, now I understand the intricacies of the game , the plays , strategies etc. So we see the games together and place bets on opposing teams. Watched 6 hours of football last week, it was lot of fun .
Looking forward to some cracking games this weekend also, and watch it the American way with pizza and a six-pack of beer handy.


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