Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Day off from Office/School ...
Some interesting circumstances that have occurred in my life for which I wasn't able to go to my school or office
  • Ammonia leak in a nearby meat-packing factory in South San Francisco, which resulted in the entire office district being closed
  • Firing by terrorists on a school bus carrying children of Army personnel, belonging to my school in Srinagar(Kashmir) (fortunately no one was killed)
  • A bustling religious fair near my office in Pune, which resulted in all approach roads being shut off, and an unbearable decibel level for work
  • A curfew due to religious riots between Hindus and Muslims in Balasore(Orissa)
  • Incessant rains in Bombay resulting in 4-5 feet of water outside the housing complex, resulting in a no-show at office

Feel free to add in the comments any such interesting incidents that have resulted in you having to forcibly take a day-off.
One that I can think off is the fact that schools and some offices were shut down due to swine flu threat.


Blogger Ramanand said...

(un)fortunately, nothing this interesting. Just the usual bandhs. We didn't get any time for swine flu! I guess we were dispensable :-)

6:09 AM  

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