Friday, September 02, 2005

I am generally not a person with a predilection to charity, I seldom contribute much for any social or religious cause (Ganesh and Durga puja chanda collections only, nothing more bigoted like the Bajrang Dal annual reunion) . Beggars are definitely not on my list, except sometimes to an old or invalid beggar.
Also earlier till college time I was wary of eunuchs , and used to dispose them off promptly by parting with some amount, double quick. But nowadays I have got the confidence to avoid them.
For the first time in my life I have made a totally unconventional contribution to These Guys. The amount I gave them has safely doubled what I had cumulatively shelled out all my life for any donation(which by the way is not much).
It was an impulsive decision, and I am feeling good by doing it.
Maybe my wife will berate me, I could have given her some nice Saris with it. But I am sure she will understand.