Thursday, November 25, 2004

I am Back
Blogging after a long hiatus. Somehow couldn't manage to get myself to blog, though in the past few months, I have been the busiest in my life, but there were ample oppurtunities to bang a few keystrokes on my computer. So without making any commitment to myself or the occasional viewer, I start writing again. Maybe the flow will come back.
A lot happened in the past few months.

-- Screwed up my right knee with a ligament injury.
The right knee had been troubling me since the last one year, the genesis being a football injury, I being impatient always went back to playing without the full recovery, and got it injured twice or thrice. Then finally while playing badminton here , I hurt it badly, heard a snapping sound, and pop went my cruciate ligament. Damn painful, knee was swollen as big as a football. The doctor drained out a cup of blood out of that with a syringe, maybe Dracula had better ways.
Was bedridden for a week, wore knee braces for about two months, was limping around campus all the while. Thankfully it has recovered quite well, I can walk properly. It feels strange how such a granted thing like walking seems so special to me now. Forget about football or badminton.

-- Gave my Term 1 exams.
Results came out recently, I surprised myself by getting a grade of 7/10 (i.e. a rank of around 60-70 out of 300 odd people here in IIM Lucknow) . I am pretty satisfied with it ,as it was my first full fledged exam after 2000 when I finished my Engg. Discounting all the numerous CAT practice papers and the Real Mc Coy Mr Puss-in-boots himself.

--Went to Calcutta
Had a satisfying break for a week in Calcutta in Oct. Didnt venture out of the home more than once owing to the injury. Saw lots of movies, most prominent being Count Of Monte Cristo and Makdee.

--My wife visited me.
She came here for two weeks, had a nice time, we were together during Diwali and also during my mid-term exams. Some of the papers went off horribly, but not due to her presence.

--Summer Placements.
A whirlwind affair, gave many interviews and Group Discussions for myriad companies on campus, finally got placed in HP Bangalore . So looking forward to being in B'lore next summer.

So that was a brief account of my last few months. Hopefully my next post would not be another account of a few more months gone buy.