Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Picture Perfect Tennis
Saw the US open finals on Sunday night. Thought held at an unearthly hour, but after coming here at IIML it was just a matter of stretching the day by a few hours. Even watched the presentation ceremony. First time in my life that I watched the US open finals live. The Swiss God was purrfect, such a consummate display of tennis. I was simply stupefied seeing it. He has taken tennis onto a different level altogether. Allround game, graceful shots, hidden explosive power, cunnning topspin backhand, cracking forehand, sublime service, quicksilver net play, elegant movement on the court. Hewitt hustles and bustles while running, whereas Federer was lithe and cat like. Oh maan I can go on and on about his game.
He embodies a perfect tennis player. I can bet that there hasn't been a complete player like him in the past. Though that doesnt imply he is the greatest ever. Still a long way to go and consistency is needed. There is tremendous depth in the mens game and he can't be complacent.
I also like his humble nature, and level-headedness. Hope they don't erode away with fame and adulation.