Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Busy with Bizness
Infact Business derives from the word 'Busy' only, but seeing the top execs playing Golf and languishing in clubs(not the Golfing instrument) , it doesnt seem so. But on the otherhand seeing the wannabe/tyro MBAs slugging it out in the B-schools or/and before that it does seem so .
Current reading flavour of the month for me are business magazines , have read a fair amount of them ranging from business Today, Business India, to The Harvard Business review, keep aside atleast 30min a day in office to make a trip to the library and go through the latest mags. Also spend quite some time browsing through business sites like walletwatch.com, indiainfoline.com, moneycontrol.com mostly related to finance. Even opened a Demat account and started dabbling in shares and Mutual funds.
Also up-to-date on the current hot stories, like the umpteen reasons being cited for the Sensex shooting up to stratospheric heights putting to shame even a steroid laden Superman. Or the current see-saw battle between the Cellular and Fixed Telephony operators on WLL limits, licenses blah blah and TRAI being the big-brother umpire, and what are possible solutions to this quagmire. Guess have bored you enough with this stuff.

A few wacky predictions from my side.
>> Pakistan rents a village in North China to hold their home cricket matches.

>> India and Pak recording the speeches of Vajpayee and Musharraf, and sending the cassettes to each international fora, rather then sending them and hearing the same Kashmir tug-of-war, and spending precious tax payers money. (The world leaders would now fast-forward the cassettes instead of dozing thru the live speeches)

>> There will be a artificial cities created in India aka Truman show with day-night times synchronized with the major cities like London, New York, Tokyo etc. Which will house just large call-centers and allied services, so that they are completely in synch with their clients. Only hope that the weather would not be like London, the crime rate unlike New York and the subway rush unlike Tokyo..