Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Had a hectic weekend.. Scoured around half of Pune to get a good (read cheap) deal on a Idiot box . Had procrastinated on it for months( read years) , resisting the temptation like Adam . Was happy with my quiet decibel free existence at home, not getting the visual ,aural as well as mental battering from the Tower Of Babel. Reading myriad books and magazines was a nice quaint way of passing my evenings and weekends.
On the positive side; the first day with the TV was the day India were victorious at Headingley. So a propitious start.

BTW: The buying of the TV was necessitated by the arrival of my mother to Pune. She will be here for a month

Thursday, August 22, 2002

My first foray into Blogging. Initiated by Ramanand, and also inspired by a sampling of some interesting Blogs of George Thomas and Gaurav Sabnis.
Dont know what to write.. Middle of my office hours and lot of workload , will post some thoughts later I guess.
Hope to be regular.