Friday, July 31, 2009

San Francisco!

Been over 9 months in the San Francisco Bay Area for me. This place must rank as one of the best in terms of the natural beauty. A sprawling crystal blue bay merging into the immense Pacific, dotted with emerald islands like Alcatraz, Angel Island and Treasure Island; crisscrossed by imposing architectural marvels like the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge and flanked by undulating mountain ranges and highlands. On a clear day, a hike on any of the innumerable trails, will ensure a marvelous vista.

Few notable points about San Francisco which is a unique city in lots of ways.

  • A city with no summer whatsoever, the temperature more or less remains the same throughout the year. Mark Twain once commented that "The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco".
  • Hardly a flat road in sight, it is all steep crests and troughs
  • The most liberal city for people of alternate sexual orientation
  • Tolerant and cosmopolitan population composition
  • One can feel the history of the place with the old stately buildings and neighbourhoods
  • Having the least traffic congestion among the big cities of USA
  • Fitness consciousness is very high. A city of joggers and bikers


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