Monday, June 18, 2007

Triumph of the "Galacticos"

Was privileged to watch a pulsating last match of the Spanish league between Real Madrid and Mallorca. The passion and excitement kept me awake till the wee hours. The most interesting match I have seen this year. Madrid scripted a brilliant come from behind 3-1 victory after losing both their stalwarts Nistelrooy and Beckham to injuries and trailing till midway in the second half. But cometh the hour cometh the man, as super sub Reyes clinched the title for them after four long years. Among the audience was the Mallorca man Rafael Nadal, though he is also a professed Madrid fan. Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham were also there all cheering for David.
This year Madrid deserved the title for showing resilience and fighting spirit after being down in the dumps midway. Barcelona paid the price for complacency, also Barca were not spectacular this season as compared to the previous ones, with the loss of Eto and non-performance of Ronaldinho.
The celebrations were also awesome, one could see that the title meant a lot to the players and fans.


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