Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It was quite an eventful year, involving lots of changes. So let me relive some of the defining moments of my life in 2006.

Last term in IIM Lucknow
The best part of the stay in Lucknow, with all the fun of student life without the attendant pressure and stress. I had got placed early and the subjects were less and not taxing, so the two months from jan to feb were an extended party, with ample time to indulge in my pursuits of reading, quizzing, watching movies, hanging out with friends, exercising et al with full gusto.

Life in Bombay
It is a unique experience living in this megapolis, the hugeness and the frenetic pace, mindboggling traffic, the stark contrast but seamless coexistence between burgeoning prosperity and the squalor of poverty never ceases to amaze.

Canada trip
One and a half month trip, in the best of weather, a beautiful country, roamed a lot during the weekends, highlight being the majestic Niagara falls. It also was a period when I was most prolific in my blogging.

Other significant things that happened
  • Saw the most beautiful lake ever, in Sikkim near Nathula pass
  • Did an arduous trek of nearly 20km of treacherous trail in McLeodganj Himachal. Also had to endure a violent hailstorm on the way down
  • Learnt to drive a car, that too in roads of Bhandup, (suburb of Bombay) where there are more people on the road than vehicles
  • Did all night quizzing in Lucknow till Breakfast of next morning, With ample stock of booze and snacks
  • Was part of quiz team that won Rs 1.75lakhs in cash, the biggest booty I have ever collected
  • Saw professional plays for first time, in the famous Prithvi theatre
  • Jogged continuously for 40 min around 6km, while doing two rounds of the race course in Pune
  • Did a midnight trek in a dense jungle, infested with leopard and supposedly tigers
  • Once did not go to office due to flooding
  • Drove long distance on bike for first time. From Pune to Mumbai and also from Pune to Bhimashankar(190Km) and back.



Blogger Neeraj said...

hey ur blogs are a nice read :) keep writing

11:05 AM  
Blogger Samrat said...

Thanks neeraj.
hope to post regularly.
BTW do i know you :)

10:14 PM  
Blogger mekie said...

Was it Tsangu lake in Sikkim?

5:46 AM  

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