Monday, May 05, 2008

Had a bump-in with the rear-end of the mobility icon of the Indian Government, the Ambassador.
No prizes for guessing which party was worse off in it. With less reaction time and my bike CBZ's front disc brakes not responding fully; I went skidding into the Amby, and had visions of crashing straight into the rear window of the car and become an unannounced guest of the paper-reading babu of Maharashtra Govt. But I jammed my brakes hard, and didn't forget the cardinal rule of bike crashes i.e. never let go of the handle. The bike bounced off the car ,but somehow I managed to maintain my balance during the impact and was suitably shaken but not stirred.

Though when I got off my bike to assess the damage, suddenly my legs were all wobbly. Babu's driver comes out and says there is a dent in his car. I wanted to give him a piece of my mind, on his sudden power braking. He justifies by saying there was a pothole in front. Then a sympathetic crowd gathers around me saying that he is lucky that I didn't get hurt. On this he makes a quiet exit from the scene. I go to the nearby paan shop and uncharacteristically smoke a cigarette to soothe my nerves. I usually don't smoke, maybe the stereotype image of a cigarette to relax tension made me reach for it.

After a few minutes when I again mount my bike, I find there are no potholes in the vicinity. So still a mystery why that jerk braked so suddenly.



Blogger Ramanand said...

I'm imagining the colourful language that must have emanated, in your mind if not on your tongue :-)
Looks like no damage done except for bruised egos, so good. Take care.

7:14 AM  
Blogger Girl With Big Eyes said...

Unfortunate incident.

Couldn't picture you with a ciggy though!

7:33 AM  

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