Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back to India

Started with an airport staffer asking for a bribe of 20 rupees, I just ignored him and walked off. Then pondered over whether I should be pleased for it or disgusted. Pleased, because did I look innocent and young enough that among several people, he approached only me to blatantly ask for the money, since in a year and a half I would be pushing the wrong side of thirty.

Bombay looks as wet as ever, I thought I had given the monsoons a grand miss by being in Canada for the last six weeks, but Thor, Indra and their ilk proved me wrong.
Re-Re(raised to power of googol) digging of roads has started in right earnest, even before the rains have bade us their teary goodbye. How ironic, these guys do not start their work on time before the monsoons, leave it half-done and forget it, and now itch back to hold their axe and shovels and hack away with full gusto at some other poor road and sidewalk, and do a botched cover-up job, that would shame the efforts of evidence hiding by even a punch drunk, blind and demented junkie murderer.

Also finding it difficult dealing with walking on the "right" read "left" side of the corridor. Because in Canada(and US) they walk on the right side of the corridor, similar to the way they drive.
And the "horny" Indian drivers. Honking away to glory on the roads.


Blogger Aditya said...

Maybe you should plan on having a moustache...curled up! And hey, look at the bright side...you look like a kid even when you are going to hit 30. That's good, no?

1:35 PM  

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