Monday, August 21, 2006

Niagara Falls

Finally ticked off the most important "to-do" thing in Canada. Saw Niagara Falls, the name Niagara means "thunder of waters" in the native Indian language . The falls were as spectacular and majestic as expected. I remember as a small kid I had seen lots of photos of Niagara and had a longing to see it. So it was a day of wish fulfilment for me and it was worth it.

The best part was going almost to the base of the horseshoe falls in the boat called "Maid Of the Mist", with the rising mist and the water splashing all around and the all encompassing roaring sound of the falls. It feels like the boat is getting sucked into a vortex. I got drenched big-time, though they provide rain-jackets but one still cannot completely escape the swirling water droplets all over.It was exhilarating.

Also went for "behind the falls walk", it takes you through man-made tunnels that are there on the cliff. It gives the closest feel of the falls. There was also a perfect semi-circle VIBGYOR rainbow that one could see.
Rest spent lot of time walking, and also lazing around in the lawns, soaking in the ambience. I find it a great way to de-stress myself by thinking of places with natural beauty, Niagara would rank really high on the list, along with sights I have seen in Kashmir, Mcleodganj, Sikkim etc.
Then also went for a scenic drive along the Niagara river, there is a huge gorge almost throughout, reminded me somewhat of the Teesta river in Sikkim, also at one place there is a big whirlpool.
Finally made the 90 min drive back to Toronto.


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