Wednesday, March 23, 2005

On monday had our section's party in a nearby restaurant. It was a boisterous affair. People were suitably sloshed (including yours truly) and indulged in lot of banter and leg-pulling. Food was fantastic. Later in the campus had more masti in our inhouse nescafe coffee shop. Then topped it off by seeing one hour of Golmaal (evergreen movie) . Then flopped out and slept like a log, without turning on the alarm clock. It seemed like a dream day, compared to the loaded last week. In addition to the dead-weight of never-ending classes, there were millstone like projects that were dragging my spirits down the ocean of despair faster than the titanic. we were rushing from one task-to another that would put the multi-processing capabiliies of an O.S. to shame. Deadlines went past, with each one of them making a swishing sound, as they swept down like raptors to pounce on our printed and right-justified word docs. Hail King Bill and Larry Page.
The respite is ephemeral. The big-daddy of them all (end-terms) is lurking in the corner with a baseball bat, waiting to pummel us hapless souls. We have 7 papers in 5 days. Though have become somewhat inured to all these having endured two terms before, but still the anxiety and pressure remain. Hopefully will come out of it unscathed and will be able to maintain my CG (not center of gravity, but cumulative grade point average CGPA) . Coming to gravity, I have become more attracted to mother earth after coming here. No I haven't become an environmentalist or jholawallah, but have put on some ungainly kilos in weight.


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