Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Dusk To Dawn"

A really weird movie that I saw recently. Quentin Tarantino has done the screenplay and it is directed by his buddy Robert Rodriguez. , it is a typical Tarantino action crime thriller with profane dialogues and dark humour. Midway it effortlessly segues into a comic horror movie . Not a great work of art, but a decent timepass after a few glasses of beer. First time saw Tarantino act, infact he looks a lot like Roger Federer. He and Clooney are bank robbers called the Gecko brothers The movie has some profound dialogues like
Keitel: "Where are you taking us"
Clooney: "Mexico"
Keitel: "What is in mexico"
Clooney: "Mexicans"

And Clooney brandishing a gun at a hostage and saying
"I have six friends here who can run faster than you"

A vampire saying: You know what everybody says about me ? I suck. "

Lot of gore and loud music as the humans fight the vampires all night long. Salma Hayek makes her presence felt with a sensuous slinky python clad item number.

The Mens World Cup hockey had some exciting action. The final was high-paced end-to-end stuff with goals galore. The German teams display was electric, their hockey team has also reinvented itself just like their football team, it is not the dour, mechanical clockwork display we are used to, there is a lot of flair and skill involved.I am disappointed with India's performance, especially this sinking feeling of conceding late goals. But on the other hand the silver lining is that India was competitive with almost all the teams they played against. The matches were not one sided. Heard of an initiative by FIH and IOC to invigorate hockey in India, don't know if it is too late in the day. Their motivation is surely financial, otherwise if it were out of a genuine concern it should have started in the late 80s. Anyways hope they manage to improve standards inspite of the pernicious influence of the IHF.