Monday, November 25, 2002

"Pissy" CAT
Yesterday I had my CAT exam, unfortunately had to give
it on a full bladder, courtesy a litre of water and
Glucon-D sipped in the morning and the rigid examiner
who wouldnt let me go out to just before the exam. Was
literally pissed off at him :) .
And when the other people were praying for the time to
go slow, i was getting more relieved minute by minute
that my ordeal was ending and that my distended
bladder would be finally relieved.

Friday, November 01, 2002

Sleepmore In Seattle
Been in the land of Uncle Sam for three weeks now, havent met any Meg Ryan though, its mostly work and some treks to a well stocked public library for some intellectual diversion. The beds in the inn are too cosy for me explains why I m ensconced in them for unacceptable lengths of time, hence the heading of this piece , if ur wondering by any instance.
USA has been more or less as I had expected , whatever ideas or images were formed, pretty much like that. The traffic has been a revelation, so ordered, plus the immense variety of vehicles on the road, they almost mirror a person's individuality. Myriad models and colors, I can spend hours together just observing the roads.
Gastronomically also it has been a enriching experience, had so many different cuisines, in addition to archetypal American stuff. Had a taste of Mexican, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian. America is truly cosmopolitan and a smorgasboard of all cultures. truly if any country is a world nation or a so this is it. Inspite of its many shortcomings ,its hubris, and as people say its decadent consumerist culture, it is still the land of the free, provides great oppurtunuties for individual growth, entreprenuerism, free speech and so on. I was not such a pro-American , but after coming here I have been enamoured of it and will return from here an Americophile.